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Summary of the Contract for Photographers Applying to “La Boutique du Poster Français”

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Are you a photographer and are you tired of juggling a thousand odd jobs to make ends meet? Do you feel like a diamond in the rough, ready to shine but hidden in the shadows? 🌟 “La Boutique du Poster Français” is THERE for you and with you!

Our mission ? Offer you a platform where YOUR art will be highlighted, regardless of your experience or the size of your audience. Yes, you read correctly ! With us, everyone has a chance! 🎉

We are aware that the photography community is talented but often overlooked. This is why our ambition is to make you visible and help you earn money thanks to this passion that drives you. Imagine seeing your works transformed into magnificent posters, purchased and admired by a new audience! 📸💖

And the best part? You don't have to be an expert in marketing or online sales. We take care of all that for you! You'll be able to focus on what you do best: capturing the beauty of the world through your lens. 🌍📷

So, don't hesitate any longer! Join “La Boutique du Poster Français” and together, let’s showcase your talent! 🌟✨

Contract Summary

Objective of the Contract

This contract aims to define the terms and conditions under which photographers will work with “La Boutique du Poster Français” to sell their photographic works in the form of posters.

Submission of Photos

Photographers are invited to submit their works via the site’s platform. After an evaluation of quality and relevance, the selected works will be put up for sale.


The photographers retain the copyright of their works, but grant “La Boutique du Poster Français” a non-exclusive license to sell, promote and distribute the works.


Photographers will receive a commission for each sale made. The commission rate and payment terms will be specified in the detailed contract.

Duration and Termination

The contract is often of indefinite duration, but can be terminated by either party with written notice.


“La Boutique du Poster Français” is responsible for the production, sale, and delivery of the posters, while the photographer is responsible for the quality and originality of his submitted works.


The photographer undertakes not to submit content that is illegal, offensive or protected by third party copyrights.

This summary is intended to give a general idea of ​​how the partnership works. It is crucial to read and understand the entire contract before committing.

If you are interested, we encourage you to apply and read the detailed contract to understand all of your rights and obligations.

Thank you for your interest in “La Boutique du Poster Français / PECPICTUREIDF”. We can't wait to see your works!

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Mathieu Livieri

Mathieu Livieri

Je suis auteur en street photography et je souhaiterais ve dre certain de mes clichés en tant que poster.
Voici mon instagram
Si vous souhaitez voir mon travail

Ronan Déniel

Ronan Déniel

Bonjour je suis Auteur Photographe et souhaiterais prendre connaissance du contrat Cordialement



Bonjour je souhaiterais vendre mes clichés sur les voyage ou mes destination en France comment dois je procéder cordialement Baptiste Albert

jacqueline schwarz guyader

jacqueline schwarz guyader

Bonjour, comment vous faire parvenir une photo que l’on voudrait vendre? Merci, j schwarz .

Christian Moguerou

Christian Moguerou

Bonjour. Et encore bravo pour votre engagement auprès des photographes. Je suis Journaliste, écrivain et photographe et je souhaiterais savoir comment vous soumettre mon travail. Excellente journée. Christian Moguérou

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