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Affiche déco murs et posters grand et petit pour afficher sur un mur. Décoration murale.

For a truly original interior decoration. 10 Trees planted per order.

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A passion, a sharing


Because we have stories to tell through our photographs and we want to share them in an original way, La Boutique du Poster Français was founded in 2018 with a specific goal: to share our passion with you by being close to you. Today, you have the chance to bring your interiors to life by dressing them in light thanks to a fantastic team of artists that you find in their dedicated space , with local know-how.

Achetez votre poster et profitez d'une expériences uniques grâce aux talents de nos photographes français.

Listen to their voices before looking at their photos.

Vibrate to the sound of the voices of those who offer you these magnificent posters .

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Photographs on walls?


Once upon a time there was an empty room, with bare and dull walls, where inspiration seemed to have deserted the place. Every day, its inhabitants passed in front of these empty surfaces, wondering how to bring them to life, how to breathe a little magic into this mundane space. One day, a friend told them about an online store, a place where photographs came to life in the form of beautiful posters. Intrigued by this idea, they decided to take a look at this famous French poster shop.